The Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission has received a $48,400 grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to create a Research & Learning Center and researcher lodging at Eckley Miners’ Village. We need your help to claim this prestigious award.

The NEH’s Infrastructure and Capacity Building Challenge Grant is a highly competitive federal grant program that strengthens the institutional base of the humanities by supporting the development of facilities for humanities activities and stimulating local investment in the humanities. The NEH has pledged to double the impact of your donations by awarding Eckley a dollar-for-dollar match. That means that for each dollar you donate, two dollars will be invested in Northeastern Pennsylvania’s educational opportunity and economic development.

Please consider making a donation today to protect and preserve this nationally significant piece of Pennsylvania history for future generations to enjoy.

Ways to Contribute

Individual Gifts

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Corporate Support

Does your employer or company support the work of nonprofit organizations in Northeastern Pennsylvania? Contact us to discuss how a tax-deductible gift, sponsorship, or other partnership can support renovations, programming, and special events at Eckley.

Free Ways to Support

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About the Project

Called an “innovative” and “visionary endeavor” by NEH referees, the Research & Learning Center will serve as a meeting place for Northeastern Pennsylvania’s universities, K-12 schools, and broader community, transforming Eckley into a hub of hands-on learning and cutting-edge scholarship in a chronically underserved region.

By renovating the 2,900 square-foot, 19th-century home of Eckley founder Asa Foster as a place-based Research & Learning Center, we are creating a one-of-a-kind lifelong learning environment. Partnerships with the region’s educational institutions will facilitate mentorships for K-12 students to work alongside university researchers, training seminars for area teachers to engage with emerging scholarship, and exhibits and programs to share new findings about the region with community members. Nearby, a rehabilitated miner’s home will offer 1,500 square feet of overnight lodging, allowing researchers and visitors alike to fully immerse themselves in anthracite heritage.

Read our Research & Learning Center White Paper to learn more.

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Hannah S. & Samuel A. Cohn Memorial Foundation


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