Welcome to Eckley Miners’ Village

Celebrating 160 Years of Anthracite Mining History

Fall Foliage 2013 PhotoA village frozen in time– Founded in 1854, Eckley is an example of a planned nineteenth century coal mining town.
Companies often designed and constructed rural communities to house their employees in close proximity to the collieries or factories at which they worked. Today Eckley is a museum representing the lives of the immigrant anthracite coal miners and their families. Come for a visit and experience life in northeastern Pennsylvania coal patch towns during the industrial revolution. Visit the Visitors’ Center exhibitions, take a guided tour, and learn more about the houses within the village.

Eckley Miners’ Village is administered by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission
Tom Corbett, Governor
Andrew E. Masich, Chairman
James A. Vaughan, Executive Director
with active support from the Eckley Miners’ Village Associates

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