Eckley Miners’ Village and the Anthracite Heritage Museum are hiring a museum Educator!!!

This Museum Educator 2 position supports the Eckley Miners’ Village, located near Hazleton in Luzerne County. It is a national register listed 90-acre historic mining town with miners, managers, and owners’ houses, churches, interpretive and museum buildings. You will also support the Anthracite Heritage Museum and Scranton Iron Furnaces in Lackawanna County. This heritage complex consists of a traditional cultural history museum focused on the human story of the hard coal region and the national register listed remnants of one of the most important mid-19th century blast furnaces in the country. These historic sites and museums serve thousands of visitors annually with workshops, classes, lectures, seminars, virtual programs, exhibits, special events, and historical demonstrations.

In this position, you will be responsible for developing, implementing, and evaluating the museums’ interpretive and educational programs, ensuring they are based on primary and secondary source historical research and align with current trends in museum education and curriculum standards. You will also provide active leadership in the development, implementation, promotion, and evaluation of educational programs and interpretation. In this leadership role, you will serve as the sites’ volunteer coordinator by recruiting, retaining, training, evaluating, and managing community members in support of museum programs and operations.  

Interested in learning more? Additional details regarding this position can be found in the position description.

Applications will only be accepted online until February 8, 2024.  Please visit: